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Jason Medina (Topsnap)

I have been an amateur water-person since I can remember. I started swimming at 18 months old, started surfing at 14 years old, love to river raft and have hit the rapids since I was 8.  At age 9, I was into gymnastics and Karate, and have studied martial arts ever since, including Tong Su Do, Taekwondo, Kickboxing , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Motorsports have always been extremely exciting to me, and have had an affinity for cars and motorcycles since a very young age.  Having raced dirt-bikes and all terrain vehicle (ATV) quad cycles since 15 years old, I guess you could say I have thirst for pursuing adrenaline.  I started racing off-road seriously at age 18 and followed the dream of becoming a Super Star Motocross racer.  Nine years of racing and I decided to hang up chasing the dream because of injuries, lack of money and lack of management.

Besides sports,  I have owned several businesses, and have been a part of some amazing teams of entrepreneurs.  My business knowledge was gained from working with world class business people, in addition to taking classes at USC through the Los Angeles Minority Business Development Organization.  I have traveled to several places around the world and have met many great people along the way.  I am grateful for my life and all the opportunities and challenges along the way.

I started a Podcast to share my experiences and the experiences of others that also have amazing stories and great outlooks on life.

About Topsnap Podcast and why I started a Podcast

Well, it all started when I got addicted to listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast in early 2012.  My friend Keola from Kauai said to me, “Guy… you need to listen to this Podcast, it’s very interesting and inspiring”!

Fast-forward 2 years later and 300 plus podcasts from Joe Rogan and his guests under my belt,  I gained an enormous amount of motivation and inspiration from them., so much so that I decided to actually put together a Podcast of my own in 2014 starting from the grassroots.  My goal was to document amazing conversations with amazing people, be as creative and inspiring to people listening and give people an additional inlet to gain perspective and motivation to pursue what drives them in this ride we call LIFE!  I hope that you can take a moment to tune in and listen to my Podcast and be a part of this ride.. the “Evolution of a Podcast”.

Thank you for listening,

Jason “Topsnap” Medina

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